Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Goals

I've been blogging nightly following along with Money Saving Mom's 4 weeks to a more organized home challenge, and it's been helping me out a lot around here, I think.

One of the things she does each week is to set goals for her week, and they break them down into smaller daily tasks.  I made daily goals each day last week, and I already feel like things are running more smoothly around here, but since I've got two more houseguests coming in succession after the current one leaves (I love it!), I thought having a weekly big picture of my goals would be quite helpful.

Here they are (and I've already been working on some of them today):

  • Clear out blog email  (DONE!)  --I thought I was going to have to do this a little bit here and there, but I got through deleting all the unneeded stuff in the time span of one cartoon!  Then I moved on to my "junk" email and cleared that out completely as well once my daughter was napping!  Now I intended to keep up with those two and clear out my Outlook this week (personal account shared with my husband).
  • Move plants to bigger pots.  --My plants are growing!  I'm so excited!  (I will post a garden update soon!)  I need to transplant some of them into larger pots, and will likely need more soil to do that, so a trip to Lowe's is likely in my future.
  • Keep up with dishes and laundry.--I usually do one load of each per day.  Somehow, when I skipped washing clothes for two days over the weekend...I ended up with 4 loads to wash, and somehow, with one more mouth to feed I've been having to do two loads of dishes each day.  It makes NO sense, I tell you!  I've already washed three loads of clothes today and done the dishes, so now I just need to maintain that.
  • Organize Recipe Binder.--This task has been on my to-do list forever!  Ok, well maybe not quite that long, but long enough!  I've got random printed papers tossed loose into a binder and I have to flip through them all looking for the one I want until I give up and just go google it and print another and then add it to the pile.  ENOUGH!  It's madness.  They will be in plastic sleeves, and organized with divider tabs by protein, like they were in the distant past.
  • My closet--I have too many clothes in there...many of them are from college and most of those don't fit.  They need to GO!

Sounds like a lot to do this week, but I have help!  Even if help is just entertaining the kiddo while I work in the other room, that's help!


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