Wednesday, May 9, 2012

4 Weeks To Fill Your Freezer: Day 7 --PB&J Pockets

Today was one of those days around here.  It began with me deciding that getting up at 4am to do grocery ads just wasn't happening, so I slept in until 5:30, at which point my husband was awake and I still didn't get the ads done.   Then my daughters woke up and they did not wish to cooperate this morning.   Then we left to bring one to the bus and genius me managed to lock me and the toddler out of the house.   I had to end up climbing the back fence (into the neighbors yard first since our fence is too high) and thankfully I'd not locked the back door when I put the dogs out!

Then, just moments later I found the toddler attempting to fill up my brand new watering the toilet!

I was already a bit distraught because my grandmother had to be taken to the emergency room yesterday for a possible stroke, but they have ruled out that, and ruled out blood clots...they've pretty much ruled out everything it could be and are about to send her home with no diagnosis as to why her blood pressure was through the roof and her extremities were numb and tingly.  

Plus, I was feverish.   I was not feeling the whole cooking/cleaning/homemaking business today, so we went to the library and stayed for a long time, played on the computers, read books, colored, did puzzled, found movies.  Then, when we got back I took a nap!

I had already planned an easy dinner for tonight thankfully:  breakfast!   After my daughter did some homework, they went outside to play.  They were playing so well on such a lovely evening that I just let them play outside for a long time while I made dinner, and some freezer stuff.

Now for this fill your freezer challenge, Money Saving Mom is making lunch recipes all this week.  I decided to forego lunches yesterday since I was making my huge pot of soup, but I did want to get some lunches into the freezer.  Yesterday, she made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.   Now I've tried making uncrustables before, and my daughter wasn't really a fan of the bread texture after it thawed, so as I was perusing recipes online yesterday, I noticed a PB&J recipe that used biscuits!  We all love biscuits, and I just happened to have made a big bag of homemade bisquick....and oh look, I'm making biscuits with dinner!

It was perfect!  I made a double batch of the bisquick, and after I rolled out a pan of biscuits..

I rolled the remainder of the dough out into flat circle(ish blobs) and spooned on a bit of peanut butter and a bit of jelly.

Then I folded them closed and sealed the sides with a fork:

Then I baked them (at the same time as the biscuits!) and let them sit and cool:

My daughter was very excited about these.  We tossed one into the lunch box for tomorrow and 7 more into the freezer  (well, ok they are still on the counter waiting on me to make room in the freezer, but they'll get there!)

Then I cooked up two packs of that cheap ground turkey from Aldi.  I stuck them in the fridge, along with the remaining chicken from my soup, and they will get put into a burrito of some sort tomorrow!  I've already thawed the three packs of burrito wraps I had stored in the freezer (and I took out the frozen pizza dough too, so pizza pockets will get made hopefully Friday!)


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