Thursday, May 17, 2012

El Rio Grande Trip 5/17: Meat, Produce, & No Coupons

El Rio Grande is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores to shop at.  I don't go there every week, but I do pay close attention to their sales flyer.  This week they had an exceptionally good set of sale items, so after I dropped my little doggy off for his neuter appointment this morning, I went by there.

I didn't snap a picture but here's a list of what I bought:

1 gallon milk  $2.99  (I usually pay $2.19 at Aldi, but I didn't want to drive over there just for milk.)
8lbs. rice $3  (bought my limit of 2 4lb. bags for $1.50 each)
~7lbs. split chicken breast @ $0.69/lb = $5.09
2 racks of marinated baby back ribs (hope we like the marinade!) @ $1.89/lb = $10.21
4 packs Butterball Turkey bacon @ $0.99 each = $3.96
5 red apples  = $1.00
lettuce   $0.79
10lbs potatoes  $1.99
3  1lb. bags of carrots (realizing they all rang up $0.65 instead of $0.50...) = $1.95  (should have been $1.50!)
$0.25 apple juice for my daughter while we shopped

Total =   $31.24

I'm not going to get upset about $0.45 extra for the carrots, but if anyone goes and buys them, be sure to watch if they are ringing up right!


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