Monday, May 14, 2012

Goals For The Week Of 5/14

Last week I had a pretty big list of goals, and I didn't quite get them all done, but I made a good dent in it!

Here are last weeks goals:

  • Clip/Reorganize Coupons  (not done)
  • Continue Working On Kitchen Tasks  (finished the very last one this morning)
  • Follow along with the FlyLady's Daily Missions (I'm not crossing this one off because even though I did them all, I did them on in one day instead of spread throughout the week!)
  • Continue to keep up with email/laundry/dishes (I caught back up with the others today)
  • Move plants to bigger pots
  • Finish organizing book
  • Select another organizing book and a novel and begin both 
  • Be in bed by 11:30 each night and up by 6:20 each morning.  (Yeah...not so much!)
  • Tidy up toys after dinner each night (having the kids help and learn the habit).  It's a work in progress!
  • Reorganize small freezer over fridge. 

Here's what I hope to accomplish this week:
  • Follow along with the Flylady  (she's doing master bath and guest room this week--which she assumes will be our worst room.   I'm choosing my kids play room instead because its a wreck and I've got to get it cleaned up so I can move a top bunk bed into there because this sharing the room business is just NOT working!  I'm also going to try to do both of my bathrooms, but favor my guest bath since I have guest coming next week.
  • Catch back up with dishes and laundry (done!) and keep up with them.
  • Continue to keep up with E-mail.
  • 15 minute tidy each evening  (I'm letting the girls help with the Flylady tasks since it's their playroom we're tackling. They went in with grocery bags tonight and found 27 pieces of trash--pretty sure the little one ripped out a few coloring book pages and called them trash, but hey, its progress!)
  • Bed by 11:30 (may try to go earlier with this one since I was able to manage this most nights)/ up by 6:20  (definitely needs some work!)
  • Reorganize/clip coupons
  • Read organizing book.   My list also says to pick out a novel, but I've been too busy to do this the past two weeks, and I'm not sure it will happen this week either.

I think that this list is looking much more manageable than last week's list.

Tomorrow is my oldest's 6th birthday, so it's going to be a busy one....bringing lunch and cookies to school, bringing her out to dinner and a movie tomorrow evening, and Thursday my little doggy has a neuter appointment, so I'll have to drop him off early and pick him up late.   This is just a busy, busy, time of year it seems.  And the next week will be Kindergarten graduation!  Didn't Kindergarten just start???!!!???


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