Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Live Below The Line: Day 3

Today is Day 3 of the Live Below The Line Challenge, and so far I've been doing pretty well feeding myself on $1.50/day or less.

The soup that I made yesterday actually ended up filling 6 more freezer containers, so my pot made 7 meals altogether instead of the 4 I expected.  That recalculation shaved another 10 cents off yesterday's dinner.  Of course, I think I had a few more crackers. ;)   I guess it all evens out.

Here's how today went (and I preface this assortment of food with the excuse that I was running a slight fever and had no energy today):

Breakfast:   Toaster Scrambler  (bought with coupons.  I remember calculating before I decided to buy these that they would be $0.23 each and thinking that wasn't so bad!

Drank coffee  (more free instant)

Breakfast total:  $0.25  (i'll toss in a couple cents for the milk and sugar!)

Lunch:  Cup of Maruchan Instant Lunch  (bought on sale 8 for $1)  $0.13

Drank Water

Dinner:  2 eggs = $0.22

Two biscuits using my homemade bisquick = $0.08

strawberries =  roughly $0.16 worth

1 Cup Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk =  $0.16

Dinner total:  $0.62

Total for Day:   $1.00

Well under "budget" for the day, but again...not feeling very well so I was going for easy not well balanced.

Tomorrow will be a challenge because my daughter's class has a poetry recital right at dinner time, so we'll see what we decide to do about that.

How did you do today?


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