Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Albertsons Trip: Always Waiting "Til The Last Day....

There were some things that I wanted to buy at Albertsons this week.  Not many, but a few.   Mainly I wanted to redeem some FREE product coupons that I had won playing their Monopoly game.  They were also having that awesome 25 & 50 cent sale going on and there were several things on that sale I wanted to pick up....and I found a few more that I *did* pick up while shopping that I did not intend to, but they were good prices.

I wanted to get Brown Gravy mixes for a quarter each, but the store was all out.  I also wanted the $0.50 Allen's canned veggies, but all varieties were gone.  Also..the $0.25 salt.  Gone.

But, I did find another pretty good deal:  I snagged a 25lb. bag of flour on clearance for just $6.99.   That works out to $1.40 per 5lb. bag.  Not incredible, but definitely cheaper than I've seen anywhere, and I plan to be using a lot of flour pretty soon, as I've been making a lot of foods from scratch lately, and I intend to follow along some with the Fill Your Freezer Challenge going on at Money Saving Mom, so I thought this would be great to get!  (Anybody else participating?)

Here's what I bought today:

Shoes boxes just to lift items off the damp carpet.
Total Shelf Price:  $59.00
Total Sale Price:   $41.74
Price Paid After Coupons:  $21.58   63% Savings

I had FREE Monopoly Coupons for the 8 Piece Deli Fried chicken  (our lunch and probably midnight snacks!) and the bag of sugar.  I had $0.50/1 Monopoly coupons for the Grill Mates, which made them FREE since they were on sale for $0.50.  I also had $0.50/1 Monopoly coupons for the pasta, making those just $0.49/box.  The only other coupons I used were two FREE Purex coupons I had gotten by mail.  The ice cream was a total splurge, but at $0.25/cup ($3 for the bag) and already perfect portions that I don't have to scoop for my kids, I thought it was a good treat! ;)

Now, I'm off to go bake some banana bread!


Melissia @Bravely Frugal May 1, 2012 at 8:38 PM  

Saw you through Money Saving Mom. I am also going to try some of her freezer cooking recipes this week.

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