Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some Summer Changes...

School is almost out for summer (woo!), and it's been a very busy last month of school around here.   The past two week's especially so, and tomorrow I have both sets of grandparents visiting to attend Kindergarten graduation so I've been busy trying to get the house ready for visitors.  (Note that I will very likely be MIA all weekend!)

Today for about the third week in a row I've not had a chance to post deals for the major grocery chains in my area.   I've tried my best to get to it, but it just hasn't happened.   I've done a lot of thinking about this, and looking back of pageviews on those posts, and I've decided that they are simply not worth the effort.

For one thing, they take a LONG time to type up and look up all the coupons and link to all the printable coupons.  Also, there are many, many sites  (sites who pay for a service that inputs the list of coupons for them thus making it much simpler) that post these major chain stores every week  (I will gladly help you find one in your area that covers your store--or any store in any area, just send me an email!).  Plus, they were honestly my absolute least viewed posts out of any posts I write!

I will continue to post Aldi, and the local chains in my area (El Rancho, El Rio Grande, and Fiesta) hopefully much earlier than I got them posted tonight.  I don't think there are that many other pages out there that cover these stores, and I know many of you count on me for those, so I am more than happy to continue posting these!

I hope you will all understand.  I've put a lot of thought into this, and while I'd like to be able to post deals for all the stores in my area, I simply must cut back on a few!  I will still post a great deal or freebie here or there that I intend to go snag myself, but I won't be posting weekly ad match-ups for Albertsons, Kroger, or Tom Thumb any longer.

I'm hoping this will free up some of my time to better plan my own shopping trips and meal plans, and I will be able to share in advance what I plan to get each week and what I plan to make with it in hopes of further helping you with your menu planning and money saving!.

Once school lets out and we get our new summer schedule all hashed out I will let you know what day to expect my posts (I'm going to attempt changing up my planning days to better match up with the sale ads and my shopping day!)

Don't worry!  I'm certainly not going anywhere.  I love my blog and I love you all!  But, I do plan on enjoying as much time with my family as I can this summer, and I can't do that staring at my laptop.  Plus, there are some things going on in life that are going to require a bit more of my time and attention it seems.   So, expect me to be a bit quieter than usual over the summer, but certainly not silent! =)

One more thing I want to mention (and this goes for any blog you love and follow), I know that I have more people who "like" my page on facebook and follow me there than anywhere else.   I've heard a lot of talk lately (and I even read something from facebook itself) saying that an average post on facebook only gets shown to roughly 16% of that page's followers.   That means that facebook is deciding (maybe at random, or maybe using some algorithm that no one quite comprehends) what posts you do and do not see in your newsfeed.  They are asking page owners who would like their posts to be seen by more people (people who have already opted to follow these pages, mind you!) to pay to promote each post that they'd like more people to see.

I can't afford such antics, and don't know many bloggers who can!  If you'd like to make sure you aren't missing my posts, be sure to Subscribe to Saving Myself Silly by Email.  You will get one email a day that contains any posts I've written for the day.   Please do this for any and every blog that you love.  


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