Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Today's Aldi Trip

I had a pretty big shopping list today, and I added a few things onto it this morning to make freezer lunches with.   The one thing I was all out of was ground beef, and I really didn't feel like going to the other store I normally buy inexpensive ground beef at  (I find Aldi's meats to be a bit pricey compared to the local hispanic grocery chains).

Imagine my surprise when I found a lady slapping $2 off stickers on 93% lean ground turkey packages.  Originally $3.49, that made them just $1.49 for 1.25lbs.  That works out to $1.19/lb.   Now I've gotten 70% lean ground beef for $1.00/lb but not recently (I've been paying $1.69/lb at El Rio Grande), so I thought this was an amazing deal, so I snatched up all 5 packs that had the stickers.  $7.50 total for 6.25lbs of ground turkey.  =)

I also found Easter candy marked down to $0.50, pink frosting tubs marked down to $0.25, and Spring colored sprinkles marked down to $0.75, so I picked up some of those, too.   I mean, I do have two girls with birthdays come up (one next week!  Eek!)

So here's everything I came home with:

Total spent:   $54.32  and that included some expensive items like 18 rolls of TP and coffee.

Unless there's something super great happening in the ads tomorrow, this will likely be in until early next week.


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