Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dishing It Up Recipe Hop: June Theme--Picnics and Barbeques---Limeade!

School is out.  Summer is here, maybe not yet on the calendar, but certainly on the thermometer!  Even though the past few days in North Texas have been gloriously stormy, the Dishing It Up Gals and I are thinking about eating outdoors!   All of our recipes this month will focus on picnics and barbeques!

I'm going to share with you a quick refreshing drink recipe, that is also very inexpensive to make right now--Limeade!

I have never ever made this before, and honestly never had it at all unless you count the strawberry laden ones I've ordered from Sonic. ;)  However, last week El Rio Grande had limes on sale 15 for $1  (sale going on again this week as well!)  For some unknown reason, I decided to pick up 15 limes while I was there, and then began wondering what on Earth I would do with them.

I decided that I would love to try making homemade limeade, and a quick google search revealed a recipe to me.

The recipe was very, very simple:

2 qt. water
3 limes
2/3 cup of sugar

I doubled the recipe, using a bit less than double the sugar and 6 of my limes, which were on the small side.

I had really no idea what to expect, how sour it would be, or if my family would enjoy it.  I was actually very pleasantly surprised with it.  It had a much milder flavor than I expected--more sweet than sour, but not too sweet, which made it very refreshing, and you felt like you could drink a lot of it.  Some drinks are so sweet or so sour that they make you want to stop drinking after a few sips, but not this one!

My husband loved it, and my oldest daughter wanted to drink it at every single meal.   I think I will be making up some more because she was very sad this morning when I told her there was none left!  My younger daughter liked it too, but she's going through a "everything must be in a sippy cup even though I am perfectly capable of operating a normal cup" phase, and she was frustrated that the lime bits were stopping up her cup spout.

Here are more picnic and barbeque themed recipes for you to peruse.   If you have one of your own, please link it up!


Pary Moppins June 7, 2012 at 7:58 PM  

My Dad always made limeade; we never had lemonade in the house. I think I thought that was the way it was in everyone's household until I met my husband and he had never had it before. :)

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