Monday, July 9, 2012

Albertsons Trip 7/9 75% Savings

I had not been shopping with coupons in a very, very long time.   I was beginning to run out of things I normally have plenty of in my pantry, and I noticed that Albertsons was having a pretty good sale this week.

I spent a very long time going through all of my coupons, and I'm pretty sure that the people being me in line were thinking very not nice things about me, but I'm ok with that.   I saved nearly $90!  When you are saving $90, I don't think it much matters what other people are thinking.

Here's what I got:

Total Shelf Price:   $120.41
Total Sale Price:    $62.83  Already 48% Savings!
Price Paid After Coupons:    $30.54    75% Savings!

I even used a coupon on the steaks!  $2 off when I bought 3 Kikkoman.   I also got a $1 off my next purchase for buying Kikkoman!

After this trip, we changed up the menu a little bit, and had steaks and tonight with a side of Suddenly Salad! ;)  I ended up paying just $4.14 for the whole pack or about $2/lb for petite sirloins.  It was a tasty treat!

My girls got to the groceries before I could put them away.   They made a castle for their unicorns.  The Ozarka bottles are supposed to be a sound sensor that lets them know when predators are approaching their castle.  My girls are a trip!  And they might want to check their sensors, because I think a tiger got in...


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