Sunday, July 22, 2012

CVS Trip 7/22: FREE Kotex, M&Ms, and Amp

Made a quick trip to CVS this afternoon to pick up a few things.   I wanted to use my $2/1 Kotex from today's paper to get FREE Kotex, and I also wanted to get 2 Starbucks Refreshers for free after ECBs.  My store did not seem to carry then, however, so I opted for the Amp drinks in hopes that my husband will like them.  He's more of a Monster kinda guy....

I also got a nice surprise from the little red machine on the way in.  It printed a $1/2 Mars singles for me, and those happened to be on sale 2 for $1, so that meant 2 FREE candy!  My daughter was excited about that one!

I had $6 in ECBs to start with , so I needed one more item.  I decided to take my 6 year old along and let her pick out a new shade of Revlon nail polish.  (She is currently doing her nails as I type this--Glitz & Glam--AKA Red Glitter!.)  I used the $1/1 from this morning's paper, but it would not scan.   The cashier (obviously new) tried several times, and then called a manager who told him how.   However when he put it in, it didn't come off.  I knew it didn't because the total didn't change, and it was over $2 when the subtotal I had figured at home was just $0.99.

I went ahead and paid, and then examined my receipt once I walked outside, thinking maybe something had rung up wrong.  But, I was right and I was missing a $1 coupon.   I walked back in and showed him, and he and the manager pulled all of my coupons back out of the drawer and added them up, and found that I was right.   Instead of giving me back $1, they printed me an extra $1 ECB, which is fine by me, but be warned if you try to use that coupon that you may have issues with it.

Here's everything I got  (sorry blurry phone pic):

I left my receipt in the car so I'm not sure the total savings, but I paid $2.16 OOP originally, and I got back $6 in ECB plus the $1 from my coupon that didn't scan, so $7 ECBs total remaining for next time.


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