Sunday, July 8, 2012

CVS Trip 7/8: $0.07 OOP

I made a trip to CVS this afternoon.  First off, its been a really long time since I've been to CVS.  One of my ECBs was actually a few days expired, but they let me use it without any trouble.  I also had a $3/$15 that I had gotten by email that I had to use today.

There wasn't a whole lot in the ad that I really was interested in, except for the free chocolate, which sadly my store had not gotten in stock yet.

Here's what I ended up getting:

5 drinks @ $1 each  (Got back $1 ECB)
Neosporin @ $9.79  (used $2/1 from 6/10 RP)  (Got $3 ECB for spending $7--there were cheaper options)
Bic Soliel Savvy  @ $6.79  (used $3/1)  (Got $2 ECB)
Dove (to cover overage)  $0.99

Used $3/$15
Used $5 ECB and $9.50 ECB

Paid $0.07 OOP     99.7% Savings and I got back $6 in ECBs.

Then, when I went back to my van, there was $0.30 just lying on the ground by my door.  I guess that means I made $0.23 today?


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