Monday, October 15, 2012

Menu Plan 10/14-10/20

As I told you last week, I inventoried my freezer and made my menu plan for the rest of the month from that.  

We did fairly well as sticking to it last week, except for one night when my girls and I were at a playdate, and I couldn't get in touch with dad to get him to thaw the tilapia.  Then, the girls were saying they wanted pancakes, so that is what we did last Friday, and saved the fish for Saturday.

I've moved the soup we didn't eat to this Friday when I will not be home.

I love having everything ready in the freezer because it makes it so easy to rearrange as needed.  I will be going on a retreat with my church ladies this weekend, so the two nights that I will be gone, I have made sure to schedule menu items that should be no trouble at all for my husband to toss together.   Not that he isn't an excellent cook..just usually when he is cooking, I'm around to wrangle the children.  Doing both alone can be difficult!  ;)

So here is my plan  (I've actually already changed it due to unforeseen--though I should have expected---leftovers!)

Monday--Lasagna again
Tuesday--Ham & Potato Soup
Wednesday:  Chicken & Broccoli  (in the freezer, just need to make fresh rice or pasta)
Thursday:  Gumbo
Friday:  Chicken Soup
Saturday:  Meatballs & Mashed Potatoes


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