Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Saving Money (Slowly!)

I posted yesterday about slowly getting back into the swing of couponing.   I am doing a lot of things slowly, in small steps this year, trying to force myself to form good habits.   I will be posting more about those soon, and sharing some specific habits that I plan to work on this month (because trying to think in terms of years is honestly overwhelming to me in most areas!)

One thing I have thought of in terms of years is saving money.  Right now in our lives, saving money seems darned near impossible!  We've been through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University a few years back, and he recommends that the first thing you do in your savings journey is to have a $1000 emergency fund.

That number sounds very daunting to me.  At the time of the class we were able to make a good dent in getting that together, but then we had an emergency....

We know we need to get one together, but we know it's not going to happen over night.  It is a source of stress.  I told myself that I would like to have that in place by year end.

*Enter Facebook*

Sunday morning, I find this floating around.  (I have no idea of the source of this image, so if it is yours or you know where it originated, let me know and I will gladly credit it properly).

The minute I saw it, I loved it!  I printed it out, and showed it to my husband.  He loved it!  And he's usually the one thinking these things just aren't possible.

I like that it breaks it down into tiny steps.   I like that it shows you how it all adds up.  I like that it is ever increasing.  We even discussed how we may have to make a small sacrifice here or there to come up with the money some weeks, but how those small sacrifices could even lead to habits that save us money long term!

This image is currently printed, placed in a plastic page protector, and pinned to the cork-board beside my husband's desk.   AND there is $1 in it!  ;)

Would any of you be interested in taking this challenge with me?


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