Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 1 Update + My 7 Decluttering Tasks For The Week

Last week I shared my plan to spend just 15 minutes each day decluttering my home  (giveaway winners have just been contacted, so check your email!)

I told about how I would be looking around my house each weekend and coming up with a list of 7 tasks to tackle that week, one for each day.

Last week my tasks were:

Top of Hutch/Fridge/Microwave
Tea/Coffee/Candy Cabinet & Utensils
Cups & Glasses
Under Kitchen Sink (Also had time for pots and lids, hutch drawer (will cooking utensils) and dishtowels)
Hall Bathroom
Hall Bathroom Again
Master Bathroom

I followed my list to the letter, continuing on to another kitchen area if I still had time left on my timer, and I got a lot more done than I expected to!  There are a few kitchen tasks that I need to tackle (like that pesky tupperware cabinet!) but I decided to go ahead and move on, and start a list of those for later.

When I got to Friday, I did not get to start on the bathroom.  Instead, I did a fast search and tidy all around the living room because we had misplaced a DVD from the library.  Not it the plan, but it was a necessary change, and we finally did locate it.

I spent the weekend days working in the hall bathroom, and will even need a third day at the very least to complete that one, so I haven't gotten to the master bathroom yet.  I am rescheduling those for this week.

Here are the things I plan to tackle this week:

Monday:  Day 3 in Hall Bathroom  (If anything remains to be done, I will list it out and move on)
Tuesday:  Master Bathroom
Wednesday:  Master Bathroom Day 2 (I think I'll likely need two after having worked in the hall bathroom)
Thursday: Linen Closet (towels and sheets)
Friday-Sunday:  Spending Time in Oldest Daughter's Room

In the bathrooms, I am going through everything under the cabinets and in the medicine cabinets, clearing tossing, straightening, consolidating.

In the kids rooms I plan to be grouping like toys and finding proper homes, and hopefully finding some that can leave the house!  I always do the older one's first, and move outgrown toys/clothes to the younger one's room.  Then I declutter the younger one's room and box up outgrown toys/clothes from there.

This is my plan for the week.   What do you plan to get done?


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