Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Mailman is like Santa!

I have been getting tons of free samples that I have requested in my mail box lately. These all came last Monday!  The All Bran packet came with flowers seeds.  My oldest daughter planted some in her little flower pot this morning.  I hope they grow.  I plan to plant the rest around my tree out front.

Just a few days later, all of this stuff arrived in the mail for free.  Sadly the free magazines had only that one lone coupon for nursery water in them.

Yesterday was another good mail day!  Here's what came:

The book was free from yoBaby yogurt when you typed int he codes found on 4 lids of the 3 in 1 meals (that I got free with coupons).  They also sent me more coupons in the package.  The check is from an online survey website.  Only $8, but I'll take it.  I will post more about taking surveys soon.  Not pictured above are a sample a Dove pomegranate body mist that I recieved over the weekend, and a pack of Kashi cereal that I got this morning.  Both came with high value coupons.  Stay tuned.  When I find a free sample to request, I will post a link to it.  I will also post about a few sites that always offer free samples under the free stuff tab up top.  That is coming soon.


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