Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Trip to CVS and (almost) Walgreens

The CVS ad was not all that exciting to me this week, but there was one deal that I just could not pass up:  Pull-Ups.  Buy two packs at $8.99 each (not even a bad price) and get back $5 in Extra Bucks.  I was digging through my coupons and found a $3 off a pack of Pull-Ups CVS store coupon that was expiring today, so I HAD to go.  I was going to wait and go by myself when my husband got home, but he got called in to sub for evening school, so into the van me went.  First, I realized that my gas light was on after we forgot to gas up on the way home from church, so our first stop was the gas station.  All gassed up, we went to CVS.  I went in and found my Pull-Ups.  I was looking for the Oral B toothbrushes also but no luck.  So here is my purchase.  (Not pictured is a large bottle of mocha frappucino that was *ahem* quickly consumed).

Here's my breakdown:
2 Pull-Ups @ $8.99 each =17.98
1 Frap @ 2.29
-$1/1 Frap coupon
-$3/1 Pull-Up CVS coupon, stack with
-$2/1 Pull-Up coupon
-$1.50/1 Pull-Up coupon (for the second pack)
I also had $11.99 total Extra Bucks remaining from last week which brought my total to a whopping $1.33.
And I received $5 Extra Bucks back for purchasing 2 Pull-Ups.  (This deal is also valid on huggies diapers).

Two things to note:  The new pack design has 3 extra training pants in it! SCORE! Also, quarterly reward Extra Bucks should begin printing on April 1st.

I'm very excited about stocking up on Pull-Ups.  My daughter only wears them at night now so these will last a long time.  Back in the van, and off to Walgreens.  We get there.  I lock the door, throw my keys in my purse, and gather up the baby while the older one climbs out.  Slide the door closed and hear screaming.  I closed her hand in the door, which was locked.  I had to sit the baby down on the cement to dig in my purse to get the keys to unlock the door.  She is jumping and screaming and lands on the baby's fingers.  Now they are both screaming.  Needless to say, no Walgreens for me.  We headed back home for ice and ibuprofen.  Poor baby.  So, maybe I'll get back there before Sunday. =(


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