Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Month is Almost Over So...

Here are a few things you need to do:

  1. Head over to and see if there are any more coupons you want to print.  They usually reset on the 1st, and there is no guarantee that this month's coupons will still be available next month.
  2. Check out your Swagbucks and see if you have enough to redeem a gift.  Gift cards (I don't know about other stuff) are sent out on the 17th and the 30-31st of each month, so if you have enough make sure you redeem it by then.  I am sooooo close.
  3. If you activated any e-coupons from Upromise, make sure you use any you planned on using before the month is out.  Not sure what I'm talking about?  Click here.
  4. Check those coupon expiration dates.  There are a ton of P & G ones expiring on the 30th, so use them now if you planned to, but do NOT go buy a bunch of stuff you don't need just because the coupon is expiring.  This is a bad trap to fall into, and it can be tempting.  Let it go.  There will be another coupon.
What else do you always make sure to do when the month is about to end?


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