Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kroger Trip

Whew! I've had a pretty busy past few days.  I'm sure you can tell by the lack of posting.  Yesterday, I did a lot of shopping, some with coupons, and some without.  I got some pretty good deals mingled in with a lot of stuff I needed around here, but after getting a haircut with my 4 year old, and doing Target, Aldi, (home for dinner), bank, 99cent store, and Tom Thumb, I just was not up to the whole arranging everything and taking a picture.

But today is a new day.  After church I had a little nap, and then at 3:20pm I realized that Kroger's pharmacy closed at 4pm instead of 6pm, so I grabbed up my coupons and rushed out the door.  There was a coupon in the ad this week to get a $25 credit (they load it on your shopper card) when you transfer a prescription, so ....we transferred a prescription. =)

I picked up the meds first, and the pharmacist told me that they did not load up immediately, so it probably wouldn't be there when I checked out today.  I was kinda bummed about that, but when I checked out it was on there already.  Yay!

I had told you about the deal to get Oscar Mayer hotdogs for $0.50.  Well, it gets even better!  I had 4 of the coupons, so I started grabbing 8 packs of hotdogs, and when I got to some in the back I noticed they had little blue peelie stickers on them, so of course I stopped to read it.  It was a coupon to get a free pack of Kool Aid Fizzies when you bought two Oscar Mayer hot dogs, so I made sure I got four packs that had the coupon on it, and I came home with 8 packs of cheap hotdogs, plus 4 free packs of Kool-Aid Fizzies!

I also took advantage of a Huggies deal they have going on, where you get $3 off instantly at the register when you buy $15 worth of Huggies products, along with some of the great Huggies coupons that have been on recently.  I got 4 packs of wipes and a pack of Little Swimmers.

Here is a picture of everything I came home with today.

Shelf Price:                 $102.75
Sale Price Before Coupons:  $58.25
Price After Coupons:      $25.45
What I paid after the Pharmacy Reward:    $0.93!!!!


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