Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Couple New Things

Hey guys!  I've spent some time tonight working on the blog and I've added a couple of new features.

The first is a small button at the top that will take you to all of the articles that I've written on Helium.  If you missed my post about that, you can read it here.

The second thing is something pretty cool that I noticed on another blog tonight.  I signed up at BlogFrog, which was very quick and simple, and I added a widget to my sidebar.  If another blogger that is registered visits my site, we can all see who visited, as well as some info about their blog--you know, just in case we may want to visit their blog, too.  It will link you right to it.  The website itself is neat, too.  There are many discussion topics to read about and add to, and I found some very helpful info there.  So, if you blog and have not signed up there yet, check it out.

I'm going to try, and hopefully I will have the time, to add more and more useful info to the site soon.  Don't forget that you can print your coupons from the site, and also that I have a facebook page.  All of my blog posts also get posted there, so "like" me and they will show up in your newsfeed!


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