Monday, October 4, 2010

Yesterday's Shopping: CVS and Tom Thumb

This is what I picked up at CVS yesterday:
2 Clorox wipes on sale 2 for $5.  Used 2 $1/1 coupons (from facebook)=$1.50 each
Playtex Gentle Glide 36 ct.  $6.99.  Used $2/1 coupon.  Got back $2 ECB's
Bengay Massage  $5.99.  Used $2/1 coupon from yesterday's paper.  Got $2 ECB's
Colgate Proclinical  $3.99.  Used $1/1 coupon from 9/12 SS.  Got $1.50 ECB's
Revlon Nail Polish  $3.99.  Used $1/1 coupon from 9/19 SS.  Got $3 ECB's

Also used a $4/$20 coupon I got by email and the $8 ECB's from last week, and $1.69 I had left on a gift card.  Paid $4.15 OOP and got back $8.50 in ECB's for next time.

Then I went to Tom Thumb and grabbed all of this stuff:

4 Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs (.99 each with coupon from the ad in Sunday's paper) Limit 5.  Used 2 $1/2 coupons.
4 Grands Biscuits  (.99 each with coupon from the ad in Sunday's paper).  Used 2 $0.30/2 coupons.
3 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes (.89 each with coupon from the ad) AND
3 tubs Betty Crocker frosting 2 for $3   used 3 coupons for varying amounts off the purchase of both.
4 boxes Betty Crocker Mashed potatoes *these were advertised as buy 4 save $4 in the ad, but for some reason only the loaded baked had the sign on them, so I got all that flavor.  The reciept is very confusing, and I'm not actually sure if the $4 came off or not)  $0.89* wyb 4.  Used a $1/2 and a $0.50/2 that doubled.
2 Nature Valley Bars (1.79 each with coupon from the ad in Sunday's paper)  Used a $0.50/1 that doubled, and a $0.75/1 that came inside the wrapper on my paper yesterday along with a sample bar!  Woohoo!
1 can Reddi Whip  2 for $5.  Used $1/1 (think it was from ALL You)

and A LOT of e-coupons came off.

All said I spent $10.73 OOP.  The receipt says I saved $38.78 or 78%

I'm going to be honest though, I'm really very confused by the way their receipts are printing out now.  It's very hard to figure out the beginning price and the savings.  Here is the top of my receipt.  As you can see, the first thing on there says "grocery coupon" for which I was charged nothing, and apparently that saved me a penny???  Then I scanned 1 Nature Valley bar, and 4 ecoupons showed up?.  Very strange indeed.  Also, at the self-checkouts, if your coupon doubles, the register thinks the doubled portion is an item and expects you to bag it.  Just, so you know. ;)

Once I checked out, I surprisingly got back a $3 Catalina from Pillsbury!  I thought that was a pretty large amount, for only buying 4 cans of biscuits!

I also (wouldn't you know it!)  got a few notifications of promotions that begin today, including the frosting and the Nature Valley bars, so I may just have to dig up a few more coupons and go back.

I'll put the details of those in the next post. =)


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