Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aldi Deals 11/10-11/16....and Christmas Gifts?

Here are some advertised deals for this week at Aldi:

Grape Tomatoes--$0.75/pint
Ripe Avocados--$0.35 each
Texas Grapefruit--$0.33 each
Apples (all varieties sold)--$0.39/lb sold in 3lb bags for $1.17

Aldi's dry good selection has recently changed to include many items for holiday baking needs, and their prices are phenomenal.  The last time I was there, they had 4lb bags of sugar for $0.69 and 5lb bags of flour for $0.59.

From their ads that have been mailed out, and others I have picked up in store, it seems that they will also be selling a wide variety of toy items for the Christmas season.  Some of these are name brand items that I have seen advertised, such as Moon Dough and Toy Story 3 figures, and their price is much cheaper that I have seen elsewhere.  The store itself is not very big, and until now they have only had a small portion of one aisle dedicated to non-food items, so I am not sure how many and which of these items each store will have in stock, but it would not hurt to stop in and have a look.

I have found some nice things sold in the non-food section of Aldi.  My favorite being a 3-piece nonstick skillet set.  I told you about the set I ordered from Amazon, but I ended up sending it back when it arrived because they were smalled than I thought they would be based on the description.  The very next week I went into Aldi and happened to notice a larger set that was $10 cheaper!  They work great!

Has anyone else found any random super great deals at Aldi?  I would love to hear about them.


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