Friday, April 8, 2011

Albertson's Trip 4/8 71% Savings

I had to take some items back to the library today, and that is just a couple blocks from Albertson's so I decided to go ahead and go today while I was out in the name of preserving gas.  There were not very many items that I planned to buy there, but ended up with a few extra in my cart.

Here is what I got:

Total Shelf Price:   $37.72
Sale Price:             $22.64  (including the $5 deducted for buying 10 participating items and the discount on the yogurt.)
Price Paid After Coupons:     $10.86     71 % Savings

The yogurt I purchased was one of my unplanned items.  They were already on sale for $2, and they each had a $0.50 off sticker on them (even though they don't expire until the 13th!).  I happened to have two $0.50/1 coupons with me that would double, and they expired tomorrow.  So between the discount sticker and my coupon, I paid only $0.50 each for these.

The other unplanned item I got was the 2 bags of bread flour.  I had been running low on this stuff for a while, and Aldi doesn't carry it.  I always forget to check the price when I'm shopping elsewhere because I'm usually so focused on my list and my coupons.  Well, today I took a wrong turn (I'm not very familiar with the store) and ended up on the baking aisle.  I was expecting to pay upwards of $3 per bag for bread flour, but was very pleasantly surprised to find these for just $1.59 shelf price, so I grabbed two bags.  Without these, my savings would have been 77%, but I considered it a good price.

Here is the break down of the rest:
4 cans Red Gold tomatoes  @ $0.59 each.  Used two $0.50/2 printables that doubled =  $0.09/can.

10 items:
1 KC Masterpiece  @ $0.79 wyb 10.  Used  $0.50/1 from 3/13SS (doubled)= $0.21 moneymaker
1 Puffs  @ $0.99 wyb 10.  Used $0.50/1 from PG Mailer (doubled)=  $0.01 moneymaker
4 Grands Biscuits @ $0.99 each wyb 10.  Used 2 $0.30/2 Printables (tripled) =$0.54 each
2 Lean Pockets @ 1.49 each wyb 10.  Used 2 $1/1 printables from their facebook page (no longer available)=  $0.49 each.
2 Simply Orange @$ 2.79 each wyb 10.  Used 2 $1/1 printables from their facebook page (no longer available)=  $1.79 each.

The orange juice may have been a little bit high, but the coupons were nearing expiration, and we were running very low on juice.  Plus its my husband's favorite, and by that I mean they will likely both disappear by tomorrow ;)

This trip, along with my Aldi trip yesterday and my CVS trip on Sunday, was all of my shopping for the week.  Altogether, I spent $66.85, which is just within my new lowered grocery budget of $70, down from $75 last month.  I'm hoping that I can stick to it and lower it even more, but I'm not sure how the slowly rising food prices will affect that.

What about you?  Do you have a weekly or monthly budget that you try to stick to?  Tell us how much you spend and how many people that feeds.  Mine is for 4, and my kids are nearly 5 and 20mo.


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