Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shopping Trip 4/30: Tom Thumb and Aldi

I did not make it out to the store last night.  Once my husband got home, we got busy with dinner and whatnot, and before I knew it, it was almost Aldi's ridiculously early 8pm closing time.  I had also decided to completely forgo CVS this week, so that was one less thing on my to do list.

This morning, I took my oldest girl and we went out shopping.  Today was the last day of The 4 Day Sale at Tom Thumb, and I wanted to pick up some of the Kraft dressing they had for $0.99.  I paid only $0.49/bottle after my $1/2 coupon.  While I was there, I also decided that I was not going to miss out on getting extra Sunday papers this week, so I picked up a double pack of the Sunday Early edition that our newspaper offers.  Yes, our papers are quite costly!  But this week it will be worth it (I'll post what I found in a bit).

4 bottles of dressing @ $0.99 each (reg. $2.99) = $3.96 - 2 $1/2 coupons =$1.96 plus the papers.

After this stop, we drove down to Aldi, just another block away (I'm trying to combine as many trips as possible since gas jumped up another $0.10 yesterday..sheesh!).  At Aldi, I always buy their store brand of whatever we've run out of for the week, and whatever produce they have on sale because they have AWESOME produce prices, and usually pretty good looking produce.

Here is what I got today.....excluding the cat ;)

For all of this I paid only $30.14 including tax.  Included in that is a gallon of milk, that was now up to $1.79 after being $0.99 for soooo long (I know this is still very inexpensive compared to most parts of the country, but I'm kinda sad about it), 3 dozen eggs @ $0.49 each, 3 large sweet potatoes that were sold loose at $0.15 each (of course I picked out the big ones), 3 mangoes @ $0.29 each, 2 celery @ $0.59 each, 2 strawberries @$1.19 each, a $0.79 cantaloupe, and that large watermelon for only $3.99.

This trip, added with yesterday's trip  and the meat purchased earlier in the week, puts my spending at $108.64 for the week for items that sell for over $200.   This is quite a bit over my normal $70 budget, but that sometimes happens right after payday.  Food prices are also on the rise, so I am hoping I do not end up having to raise my budget again.

Have the rising costs affected your food budget?


Anonymous April 30, 2011 at 1:55 PM  

Great trip. I also miss the $0.99 milk at Aldi. Since we live about 30min from one I usually go every other week and get 4 gallons and the store brand items I need. Today I shopped at the Walmart in Hudson Oaks (about 30min from FW)and I just wanted to let you know that they have strawberries on sale for $0.50/lb. I'm not sure how local this deal is but you might want to call your Walmart and check it out if you want some. They looked great and there were tons in several displays all over the store.

Saving Myself Silly April 30, 2011 at 1:58 PM  

That is an amazing deal! Thanks for sharing, Kristel.

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