Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview 5/1

Tomorrow's paper is going to get the month of May of to a great start!  You can head over to the Sunday Coupon Preview site and have a look at all the great coupons you can expect.   You should get at least 4 inserts, and some areas with have a 5th Pepsico insert.  I stopped at a local store today to get a few items, and while I was there I grabbed an extra double pack of the early edition, to go along with the one that will get delivered tomorrow.  Here is what I found inside one of them:
There were two Smartsource, one Redplum, a P&G, and the Pepsico insert (and one of mine had an extra copy of one of the SS ones...score!), and they all included some great coupons.  Last time there were 4 inserts in the Sunday paper, not a single extra paper was to be found around here, and I was expecting that to be the case tomorrow, too.  That is why I grabbed extras while they were available.  If your area has an early edition, you might think about doing the same!


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