Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best Meat Prices 5/18-5/24

Here are the best prices advertised on various meats this week, listed by type.

Whole Chicken:  --$0.49/lb  @ Kroger  (limit 2 with $10 purchase  Fri-Sun only)
Drumsticks--  $0.50/lb  @  El Rancho
                 (or thighs)  -- $1.49/lb @ Tom Thumb (Sanderson Farms)
                 (or things)--- $0.99/lb  @ Albertsons  (Sanderson Farms)
                 (or thighs) ---$0.99/lb  @ Kroger  (kroger value brand)
Leg Quarters--  $0.69/lb  @ El Rio Grande
Wings  ---  $0.88/lb   2@  Albertsons  (Family Pack)
Boneless Skinless Breasts--  $1.89/lb  @ El Rancho
                                       --  $1.79/lb @ Save a Lot (frozen)
                                       --  $1.00/lb  @ El Rio Grande (with $10 purchase)
                                       --  $1.99/lb  @ Albertson's (any size package)
                          (marinated)--B1G2 FREE  @ Albertsons  (with in ad coupon)
Breast Quarters   --$0.99/lb @ Fiesta  (sold in family packs, limit 2 with $10 purchase)

Bone-in Stew Meat---   $0.99/lb  @ El Rancho
Boneless Stew Meat---  $1.89/lb @ El Rancho
Bone-in Shank---  $0.99/lb @ El Rancho
Spare Ribs---  $2.29/lb  @ Aldi  (Is this a good price?)
Country Style Ribs---  $1.79 @ Save a Lot
                            ---  $1.99/lb  @ Albertsons
End Chops   ---   $1.00/lb @ El Rio Grande  (no limit w/ $10 purchase)
Center Cut Chops---   $1.99/lb  @  El Rio Grande
Sirloin Chops  --  $1.19/lb  @ Fiesta (sold in family pack, limit 2 with $10 purchase)
Assorted Loin Chops--  $0.99/lb @ Tom Thumb  (sold in value pack, limit 2)
Boneless Center Cut Loin Chops---  $2.49/lb @ Kroger
                                                   ---BOGO @  Albertsons
                           (pre-seasoned)---B1G2 Free @ Albertsons  (With In-Ad Coupon)
Bone-In  Country Style Ribs ---$0.98/lb  @ Albertsons   (Thurs-Sun Only!)  Limit 10 lbs.
Boneless Loin Roast  ---    $1.99/lb @ Albertsons
Tenderloin Tips ---  B1G2 FREE  @ Albertson's (With In-Ad Coupon)

Inside Round Steak --  $1.99/lb @ El Rancho
Stew Meat--  $2.89/lb @ El Rancho
Spare Ribs--   $1.99/lb   @ Save A Lot
Bottom Round Roast--$1.99/lb  @ Fiesta (sold in family pack, limit 2 with $10 purchase)
Untrimmed Brisket  --  $1.79/lb @ Tom Thumb
Boneless Top Sirloin Steak--  $2.99/lb  @ Kroger  (sold in super value pack, limit 2 with $10 purchase)
New York Strip Bone-In--  $4.77/lb  @  Albertsons   (Thurs-Sun Only!)
80% Lean Ground Beef---  BOGO  @ Albertsons

Tilapia  ---  $2.29/lb @  El Rio Grande

Hillshire Farm Sausage    ---  $1.99/14oz package  @ Save A Lot
12 oz Hot Dogs            ---$0.69/lb    @ Save A Lot
Ground Turkey       ---  $1.79/lb @ Kroger
John Morell Bacon   $2 each @ Kroger  (12 oz)  (Fri-Sun only)
Oscar Mayer Bologna   $0.97 each  @ Kroger

Other Things to Note:
I have found that with Albertson's BOGO or B1G2 free meat sales, the price/pound is enormously jacked up!

Also, Albertson's has an in-ad $5/$50 purchase coupon, but it must be $50 after all manufacturer and store coupons are redeemed (including the meat ones).


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