Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best Produce Prices 5/18-5/24

Here are the best produce prices I see advertised this week:

Pineapple  $0.99 each
Cantaloupe  $0.79 each
Tomatoes (On the Vine)  $0.79/ 1 lb pack
Iceburg Lettuce  $0.69 each

Save A Lot:
Idaho Potatoes   $1.49/ 5 lb bag
Vine Ripe Tomatoes   $0.99/lb
Vidalia Onions     $0.59/lb
Whole Watermelons  $3.99 each   (they have been this price at Aldi as well)

Ataulfo Mangos   3 for $1
Peaches   $0.88/lb
Corn Cobs   3 for $1
Cello Lettuce   $0.99
Yellow or Red Onions   $0.49/lb   Texas Grown!
Cucumbers   3 for $1
Broccoli Crowns   $0.99
Red Potatos   $0.59/lb
Green Beans   $0.99/lb
Seedless Watermelons  $3.99 each
Kiwi   5 for $1
Naval Oranges   7 for $1
Lemons   5 for $1

El Rio Grande:
Pineapple    $0.99  each
White Onions  5 lbs for $1  ($0.20/lb)
Round Tomatos  3 lbs for $1  ($0.33/lb)
Limes  15 for $1
Small Oranges   8 for $1
Kiwi   5 for $1
Cilantro  5 for $1
Jalapeno  $0.50/lb
Peaches  $0.79/lb
Mexican Squash  $0.50/lb
Broccoli  $0.99 each
Mushrooms (small pack)   $1.39
Small Red Apples  5 for $1
Ataulfo Mangos   4 for $1  (Friday Only)
Small Avocados 3 for $1  (Friday Only)
10lb. Russet Potatoes  $1.99  (Friday Only)

El Rancho:
Ataulfo Mangos    5 for $1
Large Tomatoes   3 lbs. for $1
White Onions   8 lbs for $1
Jalapeno   3 lbs. for $1
Lettuce    $0.88 each  (looks to be iceburg)
Avocados   2 for $0.88
Mexican Squash   $0.58/lb
5lb. bag Russet Potatoes  $1.29 each
2lb. bag Key Limes   $0.99
Oranges   10 for $1
Peaches   $0.88/lb
Pineapple   $1.50
Watermelon   5 lbs for $1   (how much do these things weigh???)

Tom Thumb:
Hass Avocado  $1  (Fri-Mon)
Blueberries, 6oz.   BOGO Free ($3.99 for both)
Naval Oranges   2lbs. for $1  ($0.50/lb)
Fresh Express Green & Crisp Salad  $0.99 each

10 for 10  Mix and Match:
-White, Red, or Yellow Onions  ($1/lb)
-Iceburg Lettuce  ($1 each)
-Mangos (both varieties)  ($1 each)
-1 lb Eating Right Baby Carrots
-Russet Potatoes  ($1/ lb.)
-Zucchini or Yellow Squash  ($1/lb)
-Extra Large Green Bells  ($1 each)

3 lb Strawberries  or  18 oz Blueberries  or 12 oz. Blackberries  $3.99
1lb Strawberries   $2.50
Cherries    $2.99/lb   (Thurs-Sun Only!)
Broccoli  $1.49/lb
Red Potatos   $0.99/lb
Fuji Apples   $0.99/lb
Cucumbers   $0.69 each
8oz Sliced Muchrooms   $1.79
Yellow Onions  $0.99/lb
Naval Oranges   $1.19/lb

Strawberries  $1.77/ 1 lb. package
Pineapple  BOGO Free (looks like $3.99 for both)
Iceburg Lettuce  $0.88 each  (Fri-Sun Only!)
Eggplant   $1 Each
Zucchini or Yellow Squash   $1/lb
Broccoli Crowns  $1/lb
Green Beans   $1/lb
Mangoes  $1 each
Texas Sweet Corn  6 for $2
Raspberries/Blueberries  6oz.  2 for $5


Anonymous May 20, 2011 at 8:25 PM  

As of 5/19, my Akron (NE Ohio) Aldi had 'lopes for 99 cents. So (surprise) we run higher than your area. Wonderful.

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