Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lot's Of New Things On My "Pages"

This afternoon I have been very busy making a ton of changes and adding a plethora (yes, I just like using that word) of new content to my "pages" up in the top right corner.  These pages contain helpful info and links to pages of interest, and they are always right up top and easy to find.

Since I have made soo many changes today, and since I have so many new fans lately, I thought I would go through and let you all know what pages are listed on my blog and what type of information you will be able to find on each page.

Home:   This link will, of course, get you back to my starting page and the most recent offers if you find yourself lost. ;)

Getting Started:  This page has a brief overview of my thoughts on couponing in general, why is it helpful, and how to get the most out of it.  I intend to add to this page to make it much more helpful in the near future.

Coupons:  This page contains a list of sites where you can find coupons, or info about coupons, on the internet.  I used to have a separate page for printable coupons and e-coupons, but I have combined these into a single page.  I have also added the Sunday Coupon Preview banner at the bottom, so all things coupons are  now consolidated onto this one page.

Free Samples & Deals:  This page contains a listing of many sites that either continually offer samples/free items, or are currently offering free samples or specials that I think may be of interest to you.  These will be changing often, so if you find one that is not working please let me know so I can take it down, and check back often.

Daily Deal Sites:  This page has a small (for now) listing of sites that offer Daily Deals, such as Groupon, etc.  Sites like this seem to be popping up left and right, so I will be adding many more to this page soon.

Making Money:  This page contains links to many different sites where you can make a *little* extra spending money from home.  Most of the ones I currently have listed are online survey companies that offer you cash/points or other incentives for your opinions, and you can occasionally have the opportunity to test full sized products and give your opinion of them before they hit the stores.  I also have a couple of paid to search, etc sites such as Swagbucks listed, and a category that I am just starting for Cash Back shopping.  I hope to add much more to this page soon also.

Lastly, there is my Contact Me page.  It badly needs an update as well, but the email listed is correct if you would ever like to contact me for any reason.  I will soon be adding my facebook profile and twitter profile to that page if you prefer to contact me at those.  Until then, I have buttons on my let sidebar that will take you to those places. =)

So, now that you know those are up there and what to find under each tab, feel free to have a look around and see what's new!  Feel free to use that contact me page and let me know what you think or what you would like to see more of!


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