Friday, June 17, 2011

Shopping Trip 6/17: Albertson's Mega Sale

I went out to shop the Mega Sale at Albertson's today.  I planned to do the scenarios I had planned out and then some.  I brought my binder along thinking that I would be able to wander the store and find more unadvertised items.  My daughter was even excited to help me look for signs again.  This was NOT the case at my store though.  Even the advertised items did not have Mega Sale signage.  They had prices marked $0.50 higher than the Mega Sale price, so it was very confusing.  The only place I saw a Mega Sale sign was on a dairy end cap full of biscuits (and not the Grands that I had 5 coupons for--they were nearly out of those, so I got only 6 instead of the 15 I had planned).  So I shortened my list I had already made and was a bit nervous that the 2 $5 would not deduct, but they did.

Here was what I got:

Total Shelf Price:  $53.07
Total Sale Price:   $38.34
Total Price After Mega Sale $10 Deduction:  $28.34   Already 47% Savings
Price Paid After Coupons:  $16.38     69% Savings

My savings percent would have been higher, but I decided to pick up a few necessities here instead of running to the other side of the neighborhood to go to Aldi, so I grabbed my milk and breads there and paid a little bit extra, but not really if you consider gas and time.

Adding up all of my shopping for this week, including my CVS trip, Tom Thumb trip, and a stop by Kroger for some pet food, I spent $42.76 for $125.38 worth of items!  That's a total savings of 66%!

Did any of you shop this sale, or any other sale, this week?  Let's hear about it!


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