Monday, July 18, 2011

Last Night's Kroger Trip 71% Savings

After going to CVS last night, I headed over to Kroger.  I always enjoy shopping there late at night because it is calm, plus my favorite cashier was working the self check-outs.

I got two sets of Mega Sale items, and a few other things that were cheap/free after coupons.

Here is everything I came home with (click to enlarge):

Total Shelf Price:  $93.89
Total Sale Price:   $75.25
Price After Mega Sale Savings ($10):  $75.25
Price Paid After Coupons:  $27.63   71% Savings  (and that's including a $5.49 pack of diapers!)

I used a coupon on every item I bought, except for the diapers, and the Pasta Roni, which I threw in to get me to 20 items.  However, when I got home I noticed my receipt said I had purchased 23 participating items. My 3 Colgate kits toothpastes (strawberry, that were clearanced for $1.47 (.47 after my $0.50 coupons) had rang up as a mega sale item just like the regular priced ones.  Because of this, three of my Pasta Roni's didn;t ring up with the Mega Sale savings.  If I had known this, I could have left them off of my order and paid $3.36 less!

I was running very far before with making my lists this week, so I did something that I have never done before.  I used the shopping list feature at Southern Savers that my Aunt is always gushing about (the link will take you right to this week's match-ups).  I really liked being able to click on the items I planned to buy, and remove coupons I didn't have at the end and print it out!  There are many blogs out there who have this feature now it seems (something they pay for), so look closely at your favorites and see if they do.  (It will have boxes beside the items for you to select them).

I also found a few unadvertised items and freebies from Debi over at Bluegrass Savers and in this post at Southern Savers.  So take a look at those before you head out as well.  They were very help to me for snagging a few extra freebies while I was out. ;)

If you went to Kroger this week, let us know about it!


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