Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Night CVS Trip: 82% Savings

I usually try to get to CVS on Sunday afternoon, but yesterday I just wasn't feeling it so I took a nap instead and opted to go after dinner.  I kind of enjoyed shopping late, and even told the cashier I should do it more often.  The store was pretty much deserted, and they were not sold out of anything.

I guess I've gotten really used to having those $/$$ coupons, and could have really used one this time!  I guess the deal scenarios this week just weren't the best, so I ended up paying a bit more OOP than I'm used to.  I may have skipped this week, but I hadn't shopped at CVS since the week before we left town, and my ECBs were expiring on Tuesday.

Here is what I ended up getting:

2 Xtra Detergents  @  $1.49 each  Used $1/2 from 5/1 SS.
2 Oral B Indicator  @ $1.99 each  Used $2/2 from PG insert.  (Get $1 ECB.  Limit 2)
1 Benadryl Anti Itch Cream @ $7.39  Used $2/1 from 6/19 RP  (Get $3 ECB)
1 Fusion Pro Glide  @  $9.99.  Used $4/1 from 6/5 PG.  (Get $4 ECB)

Total Shelf Price:  $29.10
Total Sale Price:  $24.34
Subtotal After Coupons Listed Above:  $15.34
Price Paid After $10.49 in ECBs  ($9.99 from last trip, and $0.50 from quarterly earnings):

 $5.18    82% Savings  and I got back $8 in ECBs to use next time!

Not my best savings, but it could have been much worse.  I also got a $10/$50 out of the little red scanner machine.  It doesn't expire until 7/31 so hopefully there will be enough stuff on sale to make spending that much at once make sense.

I also noticed that the ECBs were printing out differently.  The image is MUCH more noticeable now, and my cashier was putting little red stickers on all of them.  My guess is that they found people were not using them because they didn't realize they were there or something.  They are most definitely hard to miss now!

Do you plan on going to CVS this week?  What will you get?


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