Tuesday, November 29, 2011

$25 CVS Gift Card Challenge: Final Tally--$259.24 Value 90% Savings

My shopping trip on Saturday finished off my $25 from Cheryl at Simply CVS.  Here is a rundown of the final tally of everything I got with my $25.  (Click images to see individual posts.)

Trip 1:

$39.61 Value, Paid $5.10
Trip 2:
$21.25 Value, Paid $0.28
Trip 3: 
$27.77 Value, Paid $3.62
Trip 4:
$22.52 Value, Paid $0.61

Trip 5:
$37.64 Value, Paid $0.63
Trip 6:  
$35.97 Value, Paid $7.91
Trip 7:
$34.60 Value, Paid $5
Trip 8:  
$27.74 Value, Paid $1

Trip 9:
$12.14 Value, Paid $1.24 (last $0.85 on GC plus $0.39)

Overall, I was able to get $259.24 worth of items (shelf price), for just $25.39!  That's an average savings of 90%!

Now, I want to make one thing VERY clear:  You can do this, too!

In fact, this is not my best work, by far!  During this challenge, I went through some pretty rocky patches of life:  A child starting school, a husband working two jobs, a death in the family, three sets of houseguests!  I was busy.  I was stressed.  Coupons were not the foremost thing on my mind.

These trips were rushed, and frankly, i'm a little bit disappointed in myself.  I know that under different circumstances, I could have saved even more.  But, you know what?  I'm glad things weren't different!  I'm glad things were crazy and hectic.  

Why?  Because I don't think this challenge is at all about making myself look good with how much stuff I was able to get.  It's about showing how easy it is to get a lot of stuff for a little at CVS, and I think that anyone, no matter how short of time they've been couponing, should be able to accomplish at least this level of savings at CVS.  It's EASY! 

I'd like to say thanks to Cheryl at Simply CVS for giving me the opportunity to take this challenge, and share my shopping trips with everyone.  If you'd like to see a true CVS master in action, go over and have a look at the $50 CVS GC Challenge she gave to herself!  She's doing an *amazing* job!


Anonymous November 29, 2011 at 8:30 PM  

Thanks for sharing your results. I do have a couple of questions, however.

First, Does this represent all your purchases from CVS during this time, or did you separate transactions to reflect just the best deals for the challenge?

Also, Do you purchase only items you needed and will use or choose items with the best value/money makers?

I pray your family and life in general will be more relaxing and just plain fun during the Christmas season and the new year.

Love ya, Aunt Peggy

Amanda November 29, 2011 at 8:35 PM  

Anything I bought during this time frame, I used that giftcard on, except prescriptions ;), so that is all of it. The value I based on the normal shelf prices listed on the receipt.

I try not to buy things that I won't use at all, unless I personally know someone who will and its a huge money maker. I try to stick to things we need around here that I can get for less. I got a lot of pull-ups during this time, but thankfully we're all done with those! LOL

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