Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CVS Trip (Black Friday Sale)

Sorry it took me so long to get this trip posted, but here it finally is!

I did not get to CVS until late Saturday afternoon since I spent much of Thanksgiving day baking and Friday my husband worked two shifts at Radio Shack and the kids were nuts.  I was actually in the middle of doing some freezer cooking on Saturday when I had the realization that these sales ended that day, so I did a hurry up and grab some coupons and hit the store trip.  I was doubly in a rush because my husband also had to work Saturday night, so I had a time frame to be back home.

Now, if you'll recall my last CVS trip, I left the store with only $3 in ECBs and $0.85 left on my gift card, so I didn't really have much to work with.  I made a small list, and planned two small transactions, but I went to the store assuming they would be out of most of them and I would have to regroup...I was right!

I actually was only able to find one item after I asked for a raincheck, and the cashier pointed me to a small display down by the photo counter that was apparently the few FREE after ECB items they had left.

Here is everything I got, minus a Starbucks double shot that I handed off to my husband as he was walking out the door when I got out of the van.

See!  Very small trip!

First Transaction:  
  • LA LOOKS  $2.49  Used $1/1 coupon
  • Carmex  $1.00   Used $0.30/1 coupon
  • Starbucks  $1.69  (no coupon)
Paid With $3 ECBs.  Owed $0.88 + tax.

Paid with $0.85 remaining on my CVS Challenge Gift Card, and 7 cents of my own cash.  Got back $5.18 in ECBs.  ($2.49, $1, and $1.69)

At this point I asked for rainchecks for the Finish, and also the Breath Right strips.  They led me over to the Finish, so I grabbed one and got back in line.  A line of about 4 people had stacked up by this point, and I was running out of time to get back home, so I opted to not worry with the other Rain Check I wanted.  I always find those at the $0.99Cents Only Store, anyway.

Second Transaction:
  • Finish Quantum  $2.99  Used $1/1 coupon
Paid with $1.69 ECB from transaction 1, and owed $0.32.  Got back $2.99 in ECBs.

So, when all was said and done, I didn't walk away with much in my bag, *BUT* I only spent $0.39 of *my* money, and left with over twice the amount of ECBs that I walked in with.  ($6.48 now)

I've still yet to decide if I want to shop CVS this week or wait until next week.

Will you be shopping CVS this week?  My favorite makeup that my kids just ruined in son sale, so maybe I should!


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