Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Aldi Deals 11/2-11/8 (Dallas Area)

There are a ton of great deals going on at Aldi right now.  They are getting geared up for the holiday season, and they are starting to get in a lot of items that they consider "seasonal" and do not carry year round, so it is a very fun time to shop at Aldi.  They are even beginning to sale some toys for the Christmas season (I'll not list these as the selection varies widely by store).

Meat Special Buy:
Tyson Fresh Bone-In Split Chicken Breast    $0.89  *While very limited supply is available*  (Last week's meat special buy was still in stock the following Monday, but it was not such a great deal as this, so if you want to snag some, I'd go today!!)

Other Meat:
Butterball Fully Cooked Smoked Turkey  $1.79/lb  (Is this a good price?  I've never looked at fully cooked turkeys before!)
Butterball Whole Turkey  $1.09/lb  (I know turkeys will be much cheaper than this..I already saw them for $0.59/lb at Tom Thumb last week, and have seen them go much lower than that leading up to Thanksgiving.)
--Smoked Butt Portion   $1.39/lb
--Spiral Sliced half ham   $1.69/lb
--Smoked Shank Portion  $1.19/lb

Broccoli Crowns  $0.99 each for 1 lb pack.
Cauliflower   $0.99 each
Romaine Hearts  $0.99 each for 3 pack
Avocados   $0.49 each
Grape Tomatoes  $0.79 each for 10oz package
baby Carrots    $0.49 each for 1lb. bag

Milk   $1.99 per gallon
Eggs   $0.99/dozen
Sugar 4lb  $1.79  (Down from $2.29 Monday)
Flour 5lb  $0.99
Stuffing Mix (Like Stove Top)   $0.89 each  *The Herb flavor is delectable!*
Condensed Cream Soups (Mushroom, chicken)  $0.69 each (We actually bought these for $0.59 last Thursday)


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