Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting Organized: Menu Planning-- Do You Do It?

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Menu planning is something that can be a huge money saver at the grocery store.  You know what you need to make what you plan to make, and you can decide what to make based on sale items for maximum savings. I know people who are on a *very* tight budget, who absolutely HATE using coupons, but they make it work because they are rigorous menu planners!

As much as I love saving money, menu planning has been something I've been really struggling with lately!  Once upon a time, when I was doing really well with my freezer cooking, I would have the whole month's menu planned out (and already prepared and in my freezer) on the first of the month.  

Today, I only know what we are having for dinner tonight because my Aunt cooked chicken and dumplings last night and we have leftovers. ;)  I certainly think that I could be saving and spending more effectively if I got this area of my life back under control!

I posted earlier about this new meal planning site called Food On The Table  (which I'm loving!), but I wanted to ask you guys if you do menu planning?

If you do plan a menu, I'd like to know how you do it and when you do it?  Do you plan menu's weekly, biweekly, or monthly?  Do you have a certain day of the week that you always plan your menu?  Do you have a certain day of the week when you always do your grocery shopping?

I would appreciate any feedback you have on this topic.  I am trying to form a personal schedule that works for myself, and my bloggers friends are also trying to determine if Monday's are the best days to post our recipe hop link up, so thank you in advance for your comments! =)


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