Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dallas Area Turkey Prices 11/16-11/22

                            Source: via Cathi on Pinterest

If you plan on having turkey this Thanksgiving, and have yet to purchase one, I wanted to help you out with a list of which stores have the best prices on Turkeys this week.

Even if you do not plan on cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving, you may consider picking one or more up at these prices!  This time of year you can purchase a turkey for not much more than you would pay for a whole chicken, and they can stretch into numerous meals!  (See how I got 26 meals out of one Turkey this past April.)

So I've put together a list of who has the best prices on turkey this week:

Fiesta:  Jennie-O  $0.29/lb (12-16lb) with $25 purchase **

Albertsons:  Honeysuckle White  $0.39/lb (12lb+) with in-ad coupon and $20 purchase

Minyard:  Jennie-O $0.49/lb OR Butterball $0.99/lb  Both are (10lb+) with $35 purchase

Kroger:  Jennie-O  $0.49/lb with $20 purchase  (I got this price yesterday w/o the min. purchase).

Tom Thumb:  <<-----They have options. ;)

  • Spend $35= Get Safeway Turkey for $0.49/lb (8-24lbs)
  • Spend $100= Get FREE Safeway Turkey up to 16 lbs
  • Spend $150= Get FREE Safeway Turkey up to 24 lbs
Target:   Butterball $0.97/lb

Aldi:  Butterball $1.09/lb  (10-20lb.)  *I would imagine these would be greatly reduced the day after Thanksgiving though!

So, as you can see, even if you do all of your shopping at Aldi, it's the worst place to get a turkey right now.  I personally bought one yesterday for $0.49/lb at Kroger ($6.51 total), but if I can find enough things I need from Fiesta this week, I just might pick up another one there (it would be about $3-$4).


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