Monday, November 7, 2011

Shopping Trip 11/7: CVS, Kroger and Albertsons (Saved 63%)

This morning I took full advantage of having my in-laws here.  I gathered up my coupons and went out shopping by myself.  I had to go to CVS today, even though the deals weren't that great, because my ECBs were expiring.  Kroger and Albertson's were also both having Mega Sales this week.

For my first stop at CVS, I did two small transactions, which I do not normally do, but today it worked out in my favor.  I actually ended up spending less that I thought I would because the scanner printed me a $2 off 2 Glade products, so I opted to get Glade instead of shout an fantastic along with my 2 Pledge products and $2/2 from yesterdays SS.  I had $8 in ECBs already, so my total came to $0.00 for my first transaction, and I got back $4 in ECBs.  Then I purchased 2 Jif peanut butters for $5, used my $4 ECB, and paid just $1 from my gift card.  I have $0.85 remaining, and I got back just $3 in ECBs.

Here is what I came home with:

Total Shelf Price:  $27.74
Total Sale Price:   $17.00   (already 39% Savings)
Price Paid OOP:   $1.00     (96% Savings and $3 ECBs remaining)

I will have a full post of my CVS Gift Card Challenge up to this point later.

At Kroger, I grabbed 3 sets of Mega items, along with a few things I needed around the house (cat food, little, bread and butter).  Those elevated my total OOP a bit, but Kroger has these items cheaper than other stores in their store brand, so i opted to grab them while I was out.

Here is what i got from Kroger:
Total Shelf Price:  $90.74
Total Sale Price:   $54.49  (Already 40% Savings)
Price Paid OOP:  $43.72   52% Savings  (Just my mega items were 70% Savings)

After this, I stopped by Albertsons.  Persistence paid off in returning to the milk aisle three times.  There were no Silk Dark Chocolate almond milks on the shelf, but the dairy truck had just arrived and they were unloading boxes.  I finally saw someone with a stack of boxes, and asked.   She quickly grabbed me a couple from a box.  I love these.  I also got several boxes of $0.88 cereal (I still have more coupons for them that I did not use, but I had to have multiples of 10 items.)

Here is everything I got at Albertsons:

Total Shelf Price:  $44.30
Total Sale Price:   $23.85  (Already 46% Savings)
Price Paid OOP:  $14.77  (67% Savings)

Altogether today I spent $59.49 on $162.51 worth of products.  That's an average savings of 63%.

Did you do any shopping this week?  I'd love to hear about it!  Leave a comment or link up below!


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