Monday, November 7, 2011

Survey A Day Challenge: A Slow Weekend And Monday (And Why It May Not Be That Way For You!)

I did not attempt to take any surveys over the weekend because I was busy visiting with my husband's parents who are visiting.  When I checked my email account today, I was surprised at how few survey emails I actually had (I have a separate email account just to sign up with survey sites, and I suggest you get one too if you wish to do this regularly.  Get a free one like gmail or hotmail!)

Today I attempted to qualify for surveys from SurveySpot, OpinionOutpost.  Both of these sites are favorites of mine, and I have received timely payments from them both.  However, today I kept getting disqualified after answering a few screener questions.

I probably screened out of at least 10 surveys tonight, because they kept asking if I wanted to take another (I like that they give you another chance right away!)

Tonight just was not my night for surveys, I suppose.  But, since you are not me, it very well may be your night!  Each survey company works with different clients who have specific parameters for  the people they would like questions.  You get asked a few screener questions, and if you fit the parameters, then you get asked the full survey and earn your reward points/cash.  So, just because I didn't qualify for any of these doesn't mean you wont!  You may fit the parameters for every single one, or you may get totally different surveys sent to you based on your profile (FILL OUT THOSE PROFILE SURVEYS--they help the site match you surveys that you are most likely to qualify for--i.e. you won't waste as much time screening out of things.)

The fact that I did screen out of everything sent to me is a good indication to me that I need to find some time to update my profile surveys on these sites.  They very likely have outdated information in them. ;)

Have you had any luck with taking surveys.  Do you have a goal set for yourself?  Are you up for a challenge as well?  I'd love to know about it in a comment below!


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