Monday, November 14, 2011

Using Swagbucks: Christmas And Cleaning Supplies

A while back I had asked for some feedback on mops on my facebook page because mine had broken.  I had actually totally forgotten about needing a mop until I saw a coupon for this one in yesterday's paper, and decided to go look it up.  I really liked that the cleaning pad was washable and the spray bottle was refillable so I could put whatever I had in it.

Amazon had a pretty good price on it, plus free shipping, so I went ahead and ordered one.  I also went ahead and added one Christmas gift for my youngest to the order because it's price had decreased since I added it to my cart, and I needed to order it along with something else to get free shipping on it anyway.

Here are the two items I bought:


Altogether, they cost nearly $45, but since I've been saving up my Amazon money earned through Swagbucks and Superpoints, I had enough credit in my Amazon account to totally pay for both of them.

I'm so happy to be able to have Amazon credits saved up when the little things of life (like broken mops) pop up, and to save up for Christmas, since its very hard to cut anything from our budget to stash away for that.

What is the latest thing you've gotten with Swagbucks?

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