Monday, January 9, 2012

Need Some Help With Your Menu Planning?

I know many people have set a goal to get organized and save more money in the new year.  A great way to save on food is by meal planning.

I just shared my menu plan for the week with you guys this morning, and I'm keeping it pretty simple this week with my mom visiting.

I am getting burned out on some of the recipes I've been making, so next week I plan on using this site a bit more extensively.  I know I've told you guys about it before, but I wanted to mention it again in case you are just getting into the meal planning and need a little bit of help.

This site is so great!  You pick the store you want to shop at.  It shows you the prices of some meats and other items, then once you pick your main protein, it gives you some meal choice to pick from using other sale items at that store!  Then it makes a shopping list for you.

With the free version, you can plan up to three meals, you can clear them out and start over if you need to plan more (I always do), but there are also paid options with more features.

Click the image above to try it out now!


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