Monday, January 9, 2012

Organization Update: Getting Stuff Together Over The Break!

I told you that we were going to be doing a ton of cleaning, moving around, and reorganizing around here the week after Christmas, but I never got a chance to fill you in on how that was going.

Here are a couple shots of our newly made playroom (earlier in the day, this room was a nursury).

We moved the little sister that's in this picture in with the big sister.  They are having a good time sharing a room now.  Earlier in the day, the floor of this room was covered with toys that were not in the proper spot.  They now all have a home in the picture above, and we only left the playhouse and polly pocket doll toys in their room, as well as the book shelf.

My husband got a new desk (on clearance for $40!!).  Here it is all set up...yes those are transformers....
There was a futon where his desk now sits (it's been moved into the playroom).  He no longer has to do his schoolwork out in the garage, so he's very happy about that.

Last week, when my help (read husband) had to go back to work, and my older daughter was back at school, I tackled some smaller projects.

First off, the top of my hutch had gotten out of hand yet again.  This is what it looked like before I straightened in back up.

Also, the one remaining thing in my girls room that was a mess was their bookshelf, so I took all the book off--half were already on the floor, and organized them by type.

This is midway through organizing them, so I have them all stacked up in categories.  I've got the picture books on the bottom shelves for the little one, books that the five year old can read on the next two up, and nice books that i don't want messed with at the top.

Of course, the two year managed to make about 18 more messes while I was trying to get this done.

Normally, I will let you guys know my goal for the upcoming week, but with my mom visiting, we plan to be out and about a bit.  I've got some Old Navy Groupons and a JC Penney gift card to use, so we'll be doing some shopping and just hanging out, so I'm not setting an organizing goal except not falling behind on the dishes and laundry (which I already have!).

What is your goal for the week?


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