Monday, February 6, 2012

Shopping Trip 2/6

This weekend we'd run out of (or nearly so) several items, so I had to make a quick trip to Aldi this morning.  I also noted that I had over $16 in ECBs that would be expiring tomorrow, so I had to go to CVS and use them up, and while I was out I ran into the 99CentsOnly store to look for a couple items, and check out their produce.

Here's what I got at CVS:

 8 Sauve Smoothers @ 2 for $3 =  $12  (Get $4 ECBs)  *They allowed me to use 1 $1/2 coupon that expired yesterday.  I only had one, and I asked up front.*
2 Hershey Bliss @ 2 for $6  (Get $2 ECBs)  A $1/1 printed at the scanner.

Total OOP after my ECBs was $0.00  (she even adjusted my last $0.75 ECB down to $0.51...they usually make me grab something else when that happens, but I'd never seen this girl before so I guess she was new).

I took a huge hit on ECBs but this is the shampoo I always use on my girls hair (its 2 in 1 and gets the tangles out well), and I was down to my last bottle, so I took this opportunity to stock up--nearly a year's worth for FREE.

Here's what I got at Aldi:

Total Spent:  $19.47

The baby carrots were still priced at $0.59/ 1lb bag from the previous week's ad, so I picked up some more. I split the bag up into 5 snack bags with a handful of carrots each for the lunchbox.

Here's what I got at the 99Cents Only Store:

Total Spent:  $8.00

I usually buy some medicines here, the small can is chopped clams (our pet turtle loves them!).  I went in looking for dishwasher tablets that I've found there before, but they do not seem to carry them any longer.

Whenever I go, I always check out the produce and refrigerated sections.  I usually find Romaine lettuce (often spinach, but not today), and cheap carrots.  Today I found strawberries (half the price of Aldi's), and I also found kid's yogurt and valentine's cookies with plenty of time before they expire.

I usually find some type of ready to bake goody as a treat at this store, so it's an inexpensive way to give the kids something special.

I've spent $27.47 so far this week, so I've got plenty of wiggle room left in the budget.  I've already made my menu based on what I had on hand, so unless there are great stock-up prices in Wednesday's new ads, this may be all the shopping I do this week.

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