Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly Goals 3/19

I didn't post any goals last week, since we were not home.

This week, I have a single goal:  Unpack EVERYTHING!

I have a very bad habit of just dragging suitcases to the rooms they belong in and then them sitting there for a long time, out of sight, out of mind.  Or, I will slowly did my way through them, wearing what I need from my suitcase instead of my drawers, but then the toiletries never get unpacked, and they take up valuable space on my floor and act as cat beds.

No more!  I vow to unpack every single bag before the week in through!  To make myself do it, I'm not moving them from the front room where we dropped them when we took them out of the van.  That way, I SEE THEM!

It may be a little bit tacky and unconventional, but if it bugs me, its more likely to get done, to be honest.

Of course, I will still be sticking to my normal weekly goals of keeping up with the dishes and laundry (I've got quite a bit to fold and put away after the trip).

I got some seeds planted over the weekend, so if they sprout I may be preparing and moving them to bigger pots, but that is a "we'll see" goal at this point.


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