Monday, April 16, 2012

Aldi Trip 4/16

I'm being a lazy blogger today.  After oversleeping this morning, and with school being out today, I did not take the time after my quick shopping excursion to lay out my groceries and take a proper picture...

I did lay out a few highlights, like my whole ham I got for $3 off, making it roughly $1/lb.  $7.90 for the whole thing!  I plan to slice it up and freeze packets for lunch meat.

You can see I came home with 5 large grocery bags FULL (because I PACK those things down!).

I spent just $47.74, including the ham, a 10lb bag of rice, carrots, broccoli, tri-color bell peppers, bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, milk, and 4 rolls of Easter cookie dough marked down to just $0.39...among other things.  I stocked up on some lunch items like hot dogs and mac & cheese  (favorites of my next guest who is coming on Thursday!) and a few snack items to toss in the lunch box or munch on after school.

Aldi is pretty much my go to store these days.  I buy my necessities there, and spend under $50 most weeks (sometimes under $30...this was a big trip!) and then use the rest of my grocery budget to hunt down things at stock-up prices elsewhere with coupons.  Those deals were pretty sparse this week, so this might be all the shopping I do!


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