Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Goals: 4/16

I sort of feel like a failure in not getting all of my weekly goals from last week accomplished, but some of them were really just out of my control...

Here was my list:

  • Clear out blog email   Got that done Monday, but it needs to be done *again*
  • Move plants to bigger pots.   This has yet to be done, but I did get potting soil....only it's in my husband's vehicle with him at work....and it has been rainy and muddy this week, so not really ideal yard work conditions.    
  • Keep up with dishes and laundry!   Woohoo!
  • Organize recipe binder....nope, not yet.
  • Clear out my clothes.   Well, I did take care of my drawers, but I have the closet yet to tackle.  It's scary in there.

So, I bet you can guess what my goals for this week are:   move the plants, organize the recipes, and go through the closet!  I also want to do a real good clean up of my bedroom because it's the only room that hasn't had a good clean-up and vacuum done recently.

I realize that this looks like a really small list, but I'm learning (slowly) that I accomplish more when I don't try to pile so much on and overwhelm myself.  I also have books that I'm reading and projects for my daughter's classwork that she needs help with, and still with the houseguests!  One is leaving tomorrow, and another is coming Thursday, so next week things get back to normal around here.  It's been hectic, but enjoyable!  I just love visitors.


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