Friday, May 4, 2012

4 Weeks To Fill Your Freezer: Day 4

Today on my agenda was using up the large tub of expiring yogurt I had purchased yesterday, as well as finishing up freezing some produce that I didn't get to yesterday.

This has been a bad kitchen week for me, to be honest.  Normally when I try new things, they work out perfectly, but then again I don't usually step too far out of my cooking comfort zone as I have this week.

Last night I told you about my partially failed squash experiment.  Today, the first thing I tried I think worked out even worse!  You see, last night I went online searching for recipes using yogurt, and printed out a few.   This morning, I asked my 2 year old which one we should make (maybe that was my first mistake!)  She voted for waffles, and since I skipped waffle making day yesterday and intended to catch up with regular waffles, I thought why not give the yogurt waffles a try!

She had a great time helping me stir, but the batter turned out really lumpy and even a wisk didn't help matters.

Then it didn't really get along with my waffle never really did get "cooked".  It felt totally soggy and I had the hardest time getting it off of that thing. was nasty!

I added a bit more flour to the mix (and some sugar!) and finished this off by making pancakes.  Those were edible, but not great.  Very dense.  I do not personally care for yogurt, and I thought that they had way too much of a yogurt taste, but my daughter scarfed down two of her own and then finished mine off.  I've got three more leftover of these in the fridge...not enough to freeze, but maybe somebody will eat them.

After she ate and I got the syrup cleaned up off of her, I put her down for her nap, and decided to try my hand at another of the recipes that I had printed:  Apple Spice Muffins.

These turned out much better...not mouthwatering, but good.   I'll not likely be buying yogurt for cooking purposes anymore.  I've been wanting to try it for some time, and now I've satiated my curiosity. ;)

After school, I bagged these up (haven't frozen them yet, but will freeze whatever is left in a day or two), and chopped up a pineapple that was getting overripe.

Then after dinner, I told my girls I had a special project for them to work on after they ate.  My oldest one was so excited to get started that after she ate, she went over and fed her sister!

I had sliced up the rest of my squash from the farmers market and mixed us up a big bowl of flour/cornmeal to coat them.  Then we all got to work.

It took us 6 baking sheets, but we got them all coated and I sat them in the freezer for the night.  I'll put them in freezer bags in the morning.

Then, after all of that, we set a timer and the girls worked together and cleaned up both of their rooms (which were absolutely trashed) while I caught up on folding 5 days worth of laundry!

It was a busy day, but I'm glad to have it all done, and looking forward to a relaxing weekend!


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