Sunday, May 6, 2012

Late Night CVS Trip 5/6

Tonight after we got the kids to bed, I decided to go ahead and head to CVS for the week, mostly because I noticed this morning that all my ECBs were expiring on Tuesday, so I needed to use them up.

I quickly made a list, grabbed a few coupons, hopped in the van and was on my way.  I did my shopping, and when I got up to the register, while I was waiting in line I realized that I didn't grab my little purple accordion file, which meant I didn't have my ECBs!

I pushed my cart off to the side, told the cashier I'd be right back, and I went home and retrieved them, as well as another coupon that I didn't bring along the first time.  (You must understand that I live 3 blocks from CVS...its under 5 minutes to get there).

The cashier laughed when I told her what I'd gone home to get, but hey...that's like forgetting your wallet! ;)

Here's what I got tonight:

Total Shelf Price:   $35.24
Total Sale Price:    $25.53
Price Paid After Coupons & $9.50 in ECBs:   $3.77 including tax  PLUS I got back $6.75 in ECBs and I should be getting another $5 ECB reward from the beauty club next time I scan my card at the machine.

My favorite deal was the make-up.   My husband picked up a prescription last week, and the receipt printed a $7 off any Physicians formula.  I paired that with the $1/1 from today's paper.  Now I went in there hoping to find some clearanced make-up but there was none.   I did notice signs that all of the Physicians Formula were $5 off.  That made the $13.79 make-up I bought on sale for $8.79.   I used the $7 and $1 coupons and paid just $0.79 for it!


Patrice May 8, 2012 at 3:45 PM  

Great job!

Amanda May 8, 2012 at 4:10 PM  

Thanks Patrice! I love when they have food on sale! =)

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