Friday, May 11, 2012

4 Weeks To Fill Your Freezer: Day 9

I skipped a day in this freezer cooking challenge, but that's ok.  My freezer is getting rather full!  Last night whil I wasn't cooking, I was at the elementary school watching my daughter and all of the other Kindergartners recite the poems they had memorized this past month.  She's really enjoying poetry, and she did a wonderful job reciting her poem.   My 2 year old was even asking when it was going to be her turn because she had a poem, too!  Not a shy bone in either of those two!

This morning, I had plans to do a big catch up day on freezer cooking, but I also had a goal for the week to continue following along with the cleaning missions from the FlyLady, and I must admit that I'd not accomplished any of the kitchen tasks since Monday.  I started my day by washing some large dishes that were in the sink and hand to be washed by hand, and got my 2 year old to dry them.  Then we kept on cleaning stuff.  We both had a damp rag that we kept dunking in the sink full of soap water and I believe we scrubbed every surface and appliance in that kitchen.   I even rearranged some things....ok I think I moved everything around except for the toaster!

Then it was lunch time and I said to myself...ok, after lunch I'm putting this one down for a nap and I'm getting to cooking, but by that time I was exhausted and couldn't bear the thought of dirtying my freshly cleaned kitchen, so I took a nap, too.

I really didn't think I was going to get any cooking done today at all, but my nap and the half priced very large Frappuccino that my husband brought home energized me just enough to make one dish.   After dinner, the girls wanted to have movie night, so we left them stay up and watch a film we'd checked out from the library, and while they were watching, I put all my ingredients for freezer burritos (I found that online but pretty much had it all put together in my head already.  I used black beans instead of pinto beans, and the ground turkey I'd found marked down at Aldi that I'd already precooked.  I also forgot to add the cheese....) in a big pot on the stove to heat up.

Once it had cooled off a little bit, and we had the girls all tucked in, I got my husband to help roll them up.  He's much tighter tortilla wrapper-upper than I am.  Mine always flop right open for some reason???   So he rolled them up, and I wrapped them up!

For some reason, one of my bags only had 7 tortillas in it, but I had the perfect amount of filling for 15, so it was perfect.  

I even figured up the cost per burrito based on the reduced prices I paid for the ground turkey and torillas, and it came up to just $0.44 each.

There are two types of frozen items I buy from Aldi...$0.35 bean burittos, and $0.69 beef/bean of chicken chimichangas.   My husband says that these are MUCH better than the cheaper burritos (thus worth the extra to him), and probably right on par with if not better than the more expensive chimichangas.  Of course, he ate one fresh, so we'll have to see if his opinion changes once he has one that's been frozen, but I think we've found a winner!  Plus, I never dreamed they would be so easy to make!  I even tried it and thought it was delicious, even though I normally do NOT like beans!

I've got one more pack of tortillas left thawed out, as well as some cooked chicken still left in the fridge, so I'm going to try to put something together and get those used up tomorrow.  I also plan to make some pizza pockets, and ham and cheese pockets over the weekend or on Monday, so I'll post about those on Monday!


Anonymous May 25, 2012 at 1:30 PM  

Can you tell me did you guys like the PB&J pockets? I'm thinking about making them but don't want to put the effort into it if they end up not being good....

Amanda May 25, 2012 at 2:19 PM  

yes. They were very good. We're about to make more. =)

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