Friday, May 11, 2012

Live Below The Line: Day 5

We've reached Day 5 and the final day of the Live Below The Line Challenge.

I've really enjoyed this challenge and it's been very interesting to me calculating how much my meals are costing me.   I think it is a practice I will continue to do int he future.

It's also been interesting to me that on average my lunches have been the most expensive meal of my day...even for a sandwich!  My buying meat on sale and shopping with coupons, I've been able to make nutritious dinners for much less than the cost of bread and lunchmeat!

Here's what I ate today:

I was really bad today and actually skipped breakfast.   Honestly, I am a habitual breakfast skipper, partaking only of coffee most days, but that's a habit I'm working hard to break.  One day out of the week is *really* good for me!

I had a cup of free instant coffee.  Then I went on a psychotic kitchen cleaning spree!

Lunch:  (I was really hungry by this time.)

2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches:   $0.38

Half a can of tomato soup:   roughly $0.25

1 cup Silk Dark chocolate Almond milk:   $0.16

Lunch Total:   $0.79


Chicken with Bowtie Pasta, Peas, Corn, & Alfredo Sauce:    $0.72

Drank Water:

Total for day:    $1.51   (and that's with only 2 meals...)

Also, I must admit that my husband showed up after work bearing gifts of half priced Frappuccino, and you just don't refuse Frappuccino...challenge or no challenge.  I mean he had already paid for it....I couldn't just let it go to waste!  ;)

How did your last day go?  (I guess the Frap sort of blew my whole week, huh?)


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