Thursday, May 10, 2012

Live Below The Line Challenge: Day 4

We've made it to day 4 of the Live Below The Line Challenge.  Just one more day to go!

Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast:   Another slice of banana bread:   $0.16

drank coffee  (free instant)

Lunch:   8 chicken nuggets:   $0.58  (and that's the cheap ones from Aldi $3.99/bag)

We always have Mac N Cheese with our chicken nuggets, but after I had calculated that the chicken nuggets alone were so much, I made a hard choice (and I'm going to say something that will likely surprise some of you)....I opted to make the box of Annie's organic mac n cheese that I had gotten for free after coupons.   I am NOT a fan of this brand.   It always seems very watery and truth be told, quite tasteless to me  (I guess I'm just too used to the cheap stuff!), and I had some from Aldi in the pantry that I quite enjoy.  But for the sake of keeping the meal on the cheap...I made the organic stuff.   How funny is that???  Most of the time, organic is synonymous with expensive, but I got it for free.

For dinner tonight, I must admit that I'm going to be cheating, sort of.   You see, my daughter's class is having a poetry recital tonight at 6pm.  That is about the time we normally eat dinner.   She's got to be there early, so we won't have time to eat between the time my husband gets home and the time we have to leave.

We chatted last night, and decided that we would take her out to one of her favorite places afterwards...Cici's.   Now this child does not like   She loves to go there and have a big salad and a bowl of soup!

This type of outing is a splurge for us, but tonight it's going to be made a little bit more affordable because yesterday I got an email from Cici's with a "Mom's Eat Free" coupon valid all week with any buffet purchase.

So....I will not be paying for my meal.   I'm not sure it really counts, since the rest of my family will be blowing their daily allotted $1.50 in just one meal, but I haven't really been keeping track of them.  Free is free, so I say it counts!  =)  I also say I deserve a night to not cook, so there!   LOL.

So when this posts, I will be on my way to partake of some free pizza.

Daily Total:   $0.74 + one free buffet    (I may yet order a Diet Coke and blow my budget yet!)

How did you do?


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